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Thank you for taking a moment to peek into pink! My hope for you is that the entrepreneur inside of you comes to life and gets excited about the possibilities of this business! Whether this business is for you, or absolutely perfect for an entrepreneur you know, we're just happy to have you here and celebrating an amazing opportunity for women!

Meet real women who chose Mary Kay!

Kelly Brock
Young mom and former fitness instructor who started MK while planning her wedding
Mallory James
Georgia's youngest Independent Sales Director at just 18 years old.
Diane Mentiply
Started MK in her 40's and left a 6-figure job because she matched it with her MK income
 Over $400 Value 
 For only $100!* 

The $100* Starter Kit is more than a bag. It’s a beginning.


The first step to starting your own Mary Kay business is getting your very own Starter Kit, which comes in a stylish bag.


It includes these must-haves and more:

  • Full-size products for demonstration, including skincare, hand treatments, eye makeup, and more!

  • Samples to share with your potential customers.

  • Brochures and DVDs with easy-to-learn sales tips.

  • Special offers for new Independent Beauty Consultants (hint hint, you can get MORE full sized product!)

*We know, asterisks are annoying. They make cute things less cute. But we put it here to let you know that your kit is $100 + shipping, and your state might require you to pay sales tax.

Learn more about what to expect as a Beauty Consultant

(Hint: You don't have to be a beauty expert!)

The following recording is an easy way to hear about all aspects of the Mary Kay opportunity wherever you are! This recording is easy to listen to over bluetooth in the car, through headphones while you are working out, or sitting with a pen and paper ready to take notes! Whatever your life is like, there is always training available to fit in, just like this recording!

Listen in the car, while cleaning, or while you get ready in the morning! -
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Drive Cadillacs in your dreams...

Starting with  a Chevy Malibu  or up to $425/mo all the way through a Cadillac XT5 Luxury  or up to  $900/mo ... which will you earn?

...or in your reality!

Choose training tailored to you!

Whether your schedule  is 100% full, or you are looking for new ways to get out of the house and meet people that inspire you, there is training available, and your director is here to  support you as you find the perfect balance for your life, and goals!

Choose how you want to make money!

The cost of starting a Mary Kay business is $100 and this includes everything that you need to demonstrate the product and get your business off the ground. Just like the owner of a coffee shop would need to pay rent or buy the counter where the barista stands, this kit gives you the tools you need to get started.

Using your $100 Starter Kit, here are 12 ways that you can make money as an Independent Beauty Consultant:


Selling the product: We sell our products for twice as much as we buy them for, for a total profit of 50% of the sale

  • In a group setting: A skincare class or party has 3 to 6 people and takes approximately an hour.

  • One on One: Facials have one or two people in attendance and usually take about 30 - 45 minutes.

  • On the Go: Quick 10-15 minute appointments where only one or two products are introduced, sampled and sold.

  • Online: The company has provided the opportunity to have a beautiful website for your business which is constantly being updated for you.

  • On paper: Through the preferred customer program customers will receive a Look Book to purchase from 4 times a year in the mail. They can also take that look books and earn free product or gifts from you by taking orders from their friends.

  • Show and Sell-Product: Guests can keep their makeup on while checking our products.

  • Reorders. Our product is consumable just like bread and milk. We have the most brand loyal customers of any product on the market and the majority of them will continue to purchase our products as long as they have a consultant who keeps in touch and asks about their reorder needs every month or so.



  • If for some reason you cannot hold an appointment that you have scheduled, you may call another consultant to hold that appointment for you. She will hold the appointment and pay you 15% of the sales from the class as a thank you for booking the class for her. She will take all of the new customers and bookings and you will keep your hostess and any of the people who where already your customers.


Sharing the Opportunity.

  • When you share the Opportunity with someone who becomes a consultant, Mary Kay pays you a commission every time they order. This commission is paid directly from Mary Kay's profits and does not in any way come out of your team member's pocket. They keep all of their profit, and Mary Kay sends you a commission check of 4-13% as a consultant.


Career Car.


Promote yourself to a Leadership Position.

  • If you choose to promote yourself into the position of Sales Director then you will earn additional commissions based on the production of your unit.


There are so many different ways to earn an income through this business, and the great news is you can pick and choose which ones are right for you - if you like selling a few products here and there, but prefer not to be in a leadership role- that's perfectly acceptable! Whatever works for you is the right path!

I would love to hear your opinion!